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The Catholic Church s Stance On Peaceful Conversion

Conversion to Christianity in Medieval Iberia invoked ambivalent feelings among Christians at the time. Christians in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries intended to convert Jews and Muslims through kind words and religious teachings from the Bible. This idea of peaceful conversion, nevertheless, evolved and Christians began converting non-believers through violence and compulsion. Also, even after individuals were converted, Christians did not always fully trust their motivations, and believed they would revert into their old religions. While Marian miracles did help alleviate these tensions, thousands of vicious acts were committed against Jews and Muslims during this time period. In this essay, I am going to examine the idea of conversion from the Christian perspective, and how Christians were able to tempt Jews and Muslims to convert. I am also going to compare the contradictory nature of conversion through peaceful and violent means. This comparison will showcase how the Rom an Catholic Church s stance on peaceful conversion was overcome by local Christian communities. Conversion is the act of changing one s religion to another religion. During the twelfth to the fifteenth century in Medieval Iberia, a number of Jews and Muslims converted to Christianity. To Christians, conversions represented the elimination of dangerous enemies and the ongoing triumph of the new Israel. Christians viewed themselves as the chosen people, as they believed that Jesus ChristShow MoreRelatedHow The Roman Catholic Church s Stance On Peaceful Conversion Was Overcome By Local Christian Communities1524 Words   |  7 PagesConversion in Medieval Iberia can invoke ambivalent feelings. Christians originally wanted to convert Jews and Muslims through kind words and religious teachings from the Bible. This idea, nevertheless, evolved over the centuries and Christians began converting non-believers through violence and compulsion. Also, even after individuals were converted, Ch ristians did not fully trust their motivations, and believed they would remiss into their old religions. While Marian miracles did help alleviateRead MoreSepulveda VS. Bartolome de Las Casas1205 Words   |  3 Pageshis views Sepulveda turns to Aristotle s doctrine of natural slavery and agrees that those more powerful are made to be masters to rule over the weak. Another point that is being discussed by Sepulveda is that of the Indians not being in charge of their own destiny, that they leave their lives to be ruled by their gods. This goes against all of the Conquistador s beliefs in Christianity and the faith they contain in God. Sepulveda looks upon the Indian s way of life, such as them not having theirRead MoreDorothy Day And The Catholic Church948 Words   |  4 PagesDorothy Day is one of the most significant activists of Catholic teaching known in American history. It is important to recognize why people congregated to the Catholic religion during the depression in Americ a. Also, how Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin’s The Catholic Worker, promoted peace among the religions and people of America. American Catholics in the 19th century were looking to get along with other Americans and affirm their â€Å"Americanness.† Immigrants arriving in America wanted to show thatRead More Separation of Church and State in Latin America Essay7515 Words   |  31 PagesSeparation of Church and State in Latin America Throughout Latin American history, the Roman Catholic Church has played a tumultuous role, from passive soul saving to aggressive revolutionary actions. As the countries have turned toward democracy the Catholic Church has had to recognize that along with modernization comes the promotion of two democratic ideals: the separation of Church and State and the endorsement of secularization. While many countries are still working toward a separationRead MoreRastafarian79520 Words   |  319 Pageswestern society as part of Babylon—a system and a place that is the enemy of the blacks of the world. FOREWORD ix 7. There is still no organized set of doctrines and teachings that constitute Rastafarianism, and no organized Rastafarian church, temple, or worship space exists. 8. There are numerous sects and groupings of Rastafarians, each holding to its own belief system and structure. 9. Rastafarianism is a deeply patriarchal religion that remains completely behoven to the Bible. 10Read MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 Pages however, to the weaknesses of the League, resistance to the rise of internal repression and interstate aggression in the interwar years was feeble at best. Stalinist, fascist, and Japanese militarist contempt for civil rights, much less even peaceful protest, opened the way for brutally repressive regimes that actively promoted or systematically engineered the massive episodes of rape, oppression, and genocidal killing that were major offshoots of a second global conflict in the early 1940sRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pagesand permission should be obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrieval system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. To obtain permission(s) to use material from this work, please submit a written request to Pearson Education, Inc., Permissions Department, One Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458, or you may fax your request to 201-236-3290. Many of the designations by manufacturersRead MoreManagement Course: Mba−10 General Management215330 Words   |  862 Pagesand implement a well-defined system of rewards and punishments to control employees. THEORY Y Employees are not inherently lazy. Given the chance, employees will do what is good for the organization. To allow employees to work in the organization s interest, managers must create a work setting that provides opportunities for workers to exercise initiative and self-direction. Managers should decentralize authority to employees and make sure employees have the resources necessary to achieve organizational

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Examining the methods and concepts of accounting process - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 7 Words: 2189 Downloads: 10 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Finance Essay Type Argumentative essay Did you like this example? The purpose of accounting is to provide the information that is needed for sound economic decision making. The main purpose of financial accounting is to prepare financial reports that provide information about a firms performance to external parties such as investors, creditors, and tax authorities. There are several steps show how accounting done using accounting cycle. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Examining the methods and concepts of accounting process" essay for you Create order Analyzing step in the accounting cycle is the first, it involves categorizing all receipts for business purchases and supporting documentation, such as bank statements. Next step is Journalize, it is to record each transaction into a General Journal. This is the double-entry system and the bookkeeper will record a credit (plus) amount and a debit (minus) amount to each account. After journalizing a transaction, transfer it to a ledger. Each account has its own ledger to allow the business owner to see expenditures in that account at a glance. Next steps is unadjusted trial balance, the accounting equation states that assets are equal to the owners equity plus his liabilities. The unadjusted trial balance provides a tally of the totals, as either a debit or a credit, and is used as the basis for performing the process discussed in the next section, adjusting entries. Sometimes transactions occur through means other than checks and receipts. These include interest, finance charges or p repayments. After completing the adjustments, make another trial balance. Four financial statements are commonly prepared at the end of an accounting period to inform the owner or investors about the health of the business and current profits. The first is the Income Statement, followed by a Statement of Earnings, a Balance Sheet and finally, a Cash Flow Analysis. The last steps is closing the books which is prepared at the end of the fiscal year, the business owner will close the previous years accounts and start fresh in the next year. This involves crediting or debiting income accounts to bring the balances to zero. A temporary Summary Income account is created to use as the second half of the double-entry system and close it out at the end of the year and start fresh the next fiscal year. 2. Explain what is income statement or the profit and loss account and balance sheet statement. what is income statement or the profit and loss account? The income statement cover a period of time, the balance sheet is a report at a point in time. The income statement usually shows two main categories, revenues and expenses. Revenue are listed first. Typical operating expenses for most businesses are employee salaries, utilities, and advertising. For Safeway, as with any retail firm, the largest expense is for cost of goods sold. The different between sales and cost of goods sold represents the different between the retail price Safeway receives from a grocery sale and the wholesale cost of the groceries that are sold. This difference (sale cost of goods sold) is called gross profit or gross margin. Expenses are sometimes divided into operating and non operating categories. Two other items that frequently appear in the income statement are gains and losses. Gains and losses refer to money made or lost on activities outside the normal business of a company. One final bit information required on the income statements of corporations is earnings (loss) per share (EPS). This EPS amounts is computed by dividing the net income (earning or loss) for the current period by the number of shares of stock outstanding during the period. Example of income statement format are as example 2.2. Format for Income statement account. XXX Berhad. Income statement for the year ended 31 June 20xx Sales XX ( ) Return inward/sales return XX Net sales X ( ) Cost of sales : Opening balance inventory XX Purchase XX ( ) Return outward/ Purchase return XX X ( + ) Carried in XX X X ( ) Closing inventory XX X Gross profit X ( + ) Other income : Rent receive XX Discount receive XX X X ( ) Expenses : Carriage outwards XX Salaries XX Rent XX Insurance XX Rental XX X Net profit / loss X 2.3 what is balance sheet statement? A balance sheet is presented for a particular date because it reports a companys financial position at a point in time. The balance sheet is divided into the major sections we have described: assets, liabilities, and owners equity. The asset section identifies the types of assets owned by Safeway (cash, for example) and the monetary amounts associated with those assets. The liabilities section defines the extent and nature of Safeways debts (income taxes not yet paid, for example). Owner equity completes the balance sheet. This section identifies the portion of Safeways resources that were contributed by owners, either in exchange for share of stock or as undistributed earnings since Safeways inception. Together with liabilities, Owners equity indicates how a company is financed (whether by borrowing or by owner contributions and operating profits). Classified balance sheet is needed to prepare the balance sheet statement in which assets and liabilities are subdivided into current and long-term categories. 2.4 Format for balance sheet account. XXX Berhad. Balance sheet as at 31 December 20xx Non Current Assets Motor vehicle XX Premises XX Fixture Fitting XX X Current Assets Closing inventory XX Receivable XX Bank XX Cash XX X Total Assets X Financed by: Capital XX ( + ) Net profit / ( ) Loss X X ( ) Drawing XX X ( +) Current Liaabilities Creditor XX Overdraft Bank XX X Long term liabilities Bank loan XX X X 3. Explain what is capital and revenue expenditure. 3.1 What is capital expenditure? Capital expenditure consists of expenditure, the benefit of which is not fully enjoyed in one accounting period but spread over several accounting periods. It includes assets acquired for the purpose of earning income or increasing the earning capacity of the business or effecting economy in the operation of an asset. These are not meant for sale. Expenditure incurred for improving assets and extending an existing asset is also capital expenditure. The sum of invoice price, freight and insurance charges, installation and erection cost and custom duty etc. will be capitalized in the books of a firm. These capital items appear on the assets side of Balance Sheet. 3.2 Examples of capital expenditure: Interest on capital paid during the period of construction of Company (u/s 208 of Indian Companies Act) Expenditure in connection with or incidental to the purchase or installation of an asset. Acquisition of new assets. Expenditure incur red for putting the old asset purchased, into working condition. Additions and extensions to existing assets. Interest and financing charges paid, brokerage and commission paid. Betterment of fixed assets or improvement of an asset to produce more, to improve its earning capacity or to reduce its operating expenses or to increase the life of asset. 3.2 What is Revenue expenditure? Revenue expenditure consists of expenditure incurred in one period of the accounting, the full benefit of which is enjoyed in that period only. This does not increase the earning capacity of the business but it is incurred in order to maintain the existing earning capacity of the business. It includes all expenses which arise in normal course of business. The benefit of such expenditure is for a short period, say, one year only and it is not to be carried forward to the next year. The expenditure is of a recurring nature i.e. incurred every year. 3.4 Examples of revenue expenditure: Pu rchase of raw materials for conversion into finished goods. Selling and distribution expenses incurred for sale of finished goods e.g. sales office expenses, delivery expenses, advertisement charges, et(% Establishment expenses like salaries, wages, rent, rates, taxes, insurance, depreciation on office equipment. Depreciation of plant, machinery and equipment. Expenses incurred in order to maintain the existing fixed assets in an efficient and workable state such as repairs to building, repairs to plant, white-washing and painting of building. 4. Explain what is bank reconciliation statement. 4.1 Definition or meaning of bank reconciliation statement Bank reconciliation involves comparing your record of transactions and balances to the banks record of transactions and balances. You go through every transaction in your account and make sure you and the bank agree on the transaction. Some items, such as outstanding checks, wont show up on your bank statement because the bank doesnt know about them yet. Likewise, there may have been electronic transfers at the bank that you didnt know about. Bringing all of these things into the open is what bank reconciliation is all about. If youre familiar with balancing your check book, then youre familiar with bank reconciliation. Youre essentially doing the same thing for the same reason. Bank reconciliation happens when you compare your records to the banks records. You should do a bank reconciliation at least every month to make sure you know whats happening with your accounts. Lets review how bank reconciliation works and why i t is so important. Adjustments that are commonly made by a bank to a companys account include : NSF (non sufficient funds). This is the cancellation of a prior deposit that could not collected because of insufficient funds in the check writers (payers) account. When a check is received and deposited in the payees account, the check is assumed to represent funds that will be collected from the payers bank. When a bank refuse to honor a check because of insufficient funds in the account on which it was written, the check is returned to the payees bank and is marked NSF. The amount of check, which was originally recorded as a deposit (addition) to the payees account, is deducted from the account when the check is returned unpaid. MS (miscellaneous). Other adjustment made by bank. ATM (automated teller machine) transactions. These are deposits and withdrawals made by the depositor at automated teller machines. It is unusual for the ending balance on the bank statement to equ al the amount of cash recorded in a companys cash account. The most common reasons for differences are: Time period differences . The time period of the bank statement does not coincide with the timing of the companys postings to the cash account. Deposits in transit. These are deposits that have not been processed by the bank as of the bank statement date, usually because they were made at or near the end of the month. Outstanding check. These are checks that have been written and deducted from a companys cash account but have not cleared or been deducted by the bank as of the bank statement date. Explain What is Assets and Liabilities. What is Assets? Assets is resources of the owned that controlled by a business. It help to generate future income. Assets can be divided into two which is Current assets and fixed assets Current assets are those that form part of the circulating capital of a business. They are replaced frequently or converted into cash during the course of trading. The most common current assets are stocks, trade debtors, and cash. Compare current assets with fixed assets. A fixed asset is an asset of a business intended for continuing use, rather than a short-term, temporary asset such as stocks. Fixed assets must be classified in a companys balance sheet as intangible, tangible, or investments. Examples of intangible assets include goodwill, patents, and trademarks. Examples of tangible fixed assets include land and buildings, plant and machinery, fixtures and fittings, motor vehicles, office equipments and IT equipment. What is Liabilities? Liabilities are simply debts of a corporation.ÂÂ   Nearly all businesses have liabilities; even the most successful and profitable of companies will make purchases on credit.ÂÂ   Most companies also find it desirable to borrow money as a means of expanding operations more rapidly.ÂÂ   The borrowed money can be used to purchase new machinery, or additional merchandise that can be used to produce additional items to be sold to customers. Liabilities also can be separated into two groups which is current liabilities and non current liabilities. Current liabilities refer to short term debt obligations of a company, to its creditors and suppliers, which are due within 1 year.ÂÂ   For example trade payables, bank overdraft, prepaid income, and accurate expenses. Long-term liabilities are liabilities that will most likely exist for more than a year. These liabilities are made infrequently, theyre usually significant and they are meant to be liquidated (paid off) over o r after a few years. Long-term liabilities include long-term bonds, mortgages and leases that will be paid over several years. Referencing What is income statement or the profit and loss account, W. Steve Albrecht,Earl K. Stice,James D. Stice, 2008, Financial Accounting, 10th edt, Rob Dewey, United Kingdom, pg 39-41 What is balance sheet statement, W. Steve Albrecht,Earl K. Stice,James D. Stice, 2008, Financial Accounting, 10th edt, Rob Dewey, United Kingdom, pg35-39 What is capital and revenue expenditure, Viewed 22 June 2010, What is bank reconciliation statement, viewed 22 June 2010, Definition or meaning of bank reconciliation statement, W. Steve Albrecht,Earl K. Stice,James D. Stice, 2008, Financial Accounting, 10th edt, Rob Dewey, United Kingdom, pg 247 What is Assets, Viewed 25 June 2010, What is Liabilities, Viewed 25 June 2010,

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Analysis Of Descartes Meditations On First Philosophy...

The Role of God in Descartes’ Meditations on First Philosophy In his work Meditations on First Philosophy, published in 1641, Renà © Descartes sets out to establish a set of indubitable truths for the sciences. He begins by discarding all of his beliefs, then works to rebuild his beliefs based on careful thought. Descartes clearly states this goal, saying in the First Meditation, â€Å"I will work my way up†¦ I will accomplish this by putting aside everything that admits of the least doubt† (I, 17). He is able to establish his own existence, but struggles to move beyond his internal thoughts to discuss external objects. Descartes decides that the Christian God is the bridge he needs to escape the confines of his own mind, and argues for the existence of God in the Third Meditation in order to move on to discussing the physical world. In this paper I will argue that Descartes’ rationalistic project would have been improved without an appeal to the Christian God, although I will also argue that Descartes thinks this appeal is necessary. Descartes declares that he will only accept ideas that he can absolutely affirm, but accepts the existence of God without adequately proving it. This inadequacy undermines his declared project of defining the world in terms of established ideas. He does not sufficiently prove the idea of God, yet bases so much on it. When he later discusses physical bodies, intellect, and mathematical concepts, the reader cannot forget that everything he writes isShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Rene Descartes s Meditations On First Philosophy 1399 Words   |  6 PagesPhilosophy Essay 1 Rene Descartes was born in in La Haye, France, in 1596 and he studied at La Fleche Jesuit College and University of Poitiers. Descartes also lived in Germany, Holland and Sweden. He then worked in the army as a private councillor and then as a court philosopher. Descartes book ‘Meditations on First Philosophy’ was first published in 1641. The edition used to write this essay was edited by John Cottingham and was published by the Cambridge University Press in 1996. Descartes wasRead MoreAnalysis Of Rene Descartes s Meditations On First Philosophy1066 Words   |  5 Pagesis reality? Among these writers were Renà ¨ Descartes and George Berkeley, who respectively argued that everything perceived must be real due to God being unable to deceive, and that the physical world only exists in one’s mind. In my view, it is not certain that the physical world is real, but one should act as if it is. Renà ¨ Descartes, in Meditations on First Philosophy, wrote each section after successive â€Å"meditations.† In Descartes’s first meditation, he claims it is unable to be proven whetherRead MoreThe Nature Of The Human Mind878 Words   |  4 PagesRene Descartes second meditation is titled, Concerning the Nature of the Human Mind: That it is Better Known than the Body. In his second meditation, Descartes argues that the human mind exists merely by itself without any physical representation in the world. This argument lead to many of his later meditations and allowed him to really build the framework for Western Philosophy. The cogent argument is arguably the most crucial argument, which lead us to our philosophy of the mind. In some respectRead MoreDescartes’ Cogito Argument Successfully Shows the Evil Demon Argument is Unsound888 Words   |  4 PagesDoes Descartes’ Cogito argument successfully show that the Evil Demon Argument is unsound? In this essay I will attempt to show that the philosopher, Renà ¨ Descartes’ Cogito Argument successfully proves the Evil Demon Argument to be unsound. By an analysis of the structure of the arguments and what they prove, I will show the evil demon argument to be unsound. An argument is unsound when the premises as false and the argument is invalid. This analysis of both structure and content will eventuateRead MoreDescartes Six Meditations on First Philosophy Essay1347 Words   |  6 PagesThroughout the six meditations on First Philosophy, French philosopher Rene Descartes seeks to find a concrete foundation for the basis of science, one which he states can only include certain and unquestionable beliefs. Anything less concrete, he argues will be exposed to the external world and to opposition by philosophical sceptics. The sense of the Cartesian reform is the imposition of a new method of thinking. Descartes’ method to begin with is reductive, removing all knowledge acquired withoutRead More Weaknesses of Descartes Arguments Essays1641 Words   |  7 PagesDescartes was incorrect and made mistakes in his philosophical analysis concerning understanding the Soul and the foundation of knowledge.   Yes, he coined the famous phrase, â€Å"I think therefore I am,† but the rest of his philosophical conclusions fail to be as solid (Meditation 4; 32). Descartes knew that if he has a mind and is thinking thoughts then he must be something that has the ability to think. While he did prove that he is a thinking thing that thinks (Meditation 3; 28), he was unable toRead MoreIn Philosophy, There Are Going To Be Some Agreements And1393 Words   |  6 PagesIn philosophy, there are going to be some agreements and disagreements among philosopher’s, but the most compelling of them all is D escartes’ and Spinoza’s take in regards to mind and body, and God and free will, God existence. I will compare and contrast Descartes’ and Spinoza’s perspectives on the relationship between mind and body, and God and free will. Maria, there is no fast way to explain all of this as this takes time, so please brace yourself as I hope to provide you with a better understandingRead MoreThe On First Philosophy By Rene Descartes1699 Words   |  7 PagesIn his work Meditations on First Philosophy, published in 1641, Renà © Descartes sets out to establish a set of indubitable truths for the sciences. He begins by discarding all of his beliefs, then works to rebuild his beliefs based on careful thought. Descartes clearly states this goal, saying in the First Meditation, â€Å"I will work my way up†¦ I will accomplish this by putting aside everything that admits of the least doubt† (I, 17). He is able to establish his own existence, but struggles to move beyondRead MoreThe Life of Rene’ Descartes: His Works and His Beliefs in God1578 Words   |  7 PagesWas Rene’ Descartes just a visionary of truth, mathematical equations or was he truly a man that knew he was born to tell the world about life, knowledge, and how it all came together metaphorically? Please see the research on Rene’ Descartes cited accomplishments. Descartes was known as the first modern philosopher. Famous for making a connection between geometry and algebra, which allowed for solving of geometrical problem by way of algebraic equations, which promoted a new conception of matterRead MoreEssay about Ontological Argument Critique 857 Words   |  4 PagesAlthough in order to move forward, failed arguments must be studied to ensure that mistakes are not repeated. One such argument is the Ontological Argument. This argument was first recorded by St. Anslem (1033-1109). Descartes adapts this argument in the fifth meditation in ‘Meditations on First Philosophy.’ He first establishes that whenever he thinks about a triangle, there are certain properties that must be present in order for the form to be a triangle. Further â€Å"even if perhaps no such figure

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Business Research Methods Oxford University Press

Question: Discuss about the Business Research Methods for Oxford University Press? Answer: I have possessed a very keen interest in mathematics and numerical calculations from a very early age. Through rigorous practice, I have acquired excellent competence in solving difficult mathematical problems and assignment questions. With a determination to follow my passion for mathematics, I applied for Bachelors degree in Business Administration with Marketing as the primary subject, at the University of Dammam in Saudi Arabia. I completed my graduation in the year 2013 with a strong set of skills in marketing and business administration studies. During my graduation years, I have managed to gain in-depth knowledge of accounting, finance, human resource management, economics, management information systems, strategy, marketing and project management. In addition to that, I have participated in several group projects and group assignments that helped me acquire strong teamwork capabilities and effective interpersonal skills. Apart from that, I have gained competence in developing business plans and strategies, feasibility studies, budget planning and schedule estimation techniques. I undertook an internship training and placement program at Saudi Telecom Company in Saudi Arabia. After completing my academic career, I started working at Hajjan Drilling in Saudi Arabia in the marketing and sales department. My particular nature of work involved planning and implementing marketing plans and strategies for measuring the absolute level of effectiveness of the various marketing and sales campaigns and agendas conducted by our organization. I further undertook several full-time and intensive academic English language-training programs with the aim of excelling in my English language skills and abilities. I joined the program of EF in Santa Barbara, and later I acceded to another English training program at the California State University in Long Beach. The English training courses involved extensive essay writing, reading and verbal comprehension practice that in turn significantly helped me in advance in improving my language skills that I could efficiently utilize for my graduate studies. Presently, I am looking forward to improving my career position by promoting and improving my abilities to excel in the field of business and accounting by developing additional skills based on my strong academic foundations gained so far. Here, I would like to express my keen interest in applying for the Master of Accounting Degree program at your esteem institution. After thoroughly researching about the projects and courses offered at your esteemed University, I found the diverse set of classes, associated subjects, and projects appropriately suitable for my career. I believe that your particular program will mainly help me prepare for achieving my long-term career objectives. Your program will surely help me in becoming a successful business and accounting professional and acquire a high position in my career. Apart from that, I firmly believe that my strong set of skills, relevant work experience, and passion for learning and strong academic background would primarily motivate m e in performing well and excelling in your cohort. I am actively looking forward to participating in the group projects, assignments and class discussions offered at your institution and hope to gain valuable knowledge in my field of study. Moreover, I also think that my Middle Eastern cultural background will add to the multicultural diversity of your cohort. I am obliged to have gotten the chance to apply for Master degree at your institution and positively looking forward to hearing from you soon. Bibliography Bryman, A. and Bell, E., 2015.Business research methods. Oxford University Press, USA. Ferrell, O.C. and Fraedrich, J., 2016.Business ethics: Ethical decision making cases. Nelson Education. Machado, C. and Davim, J.P. eds., 2016.MBA: Theory and Application of Business and Management Principles. Springer. Stewart, D.W. and Gugel, C.T. eds., 2016.Accountable Marketing: Linking Marketing Actions to Financial Performance. Routledge.

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Chinese culture Essay Example

Chinese culture Essay China is making big progress after entrance of WTO however IPR dispute is happened occasionally. IPR has been acknowledged and protected in China. China is making big progress after entrance of WTO however IPR dispute is happened occasionally. China has been moving its intellectual property rights (IPR) regime closer to those found in many more developed nations. China is making more comprehensive laws, and more attention to enforcement have led to an increase in the number of IPR infringement cases being brought before the courts or taken up through Chinas administrative procedures. The Trade Union is very weak, many firms and organisations do not have Trade Union, this is one of the reasons that the labour cost is low in this country. According to (CNN Money online 2008) the Chinese government issued a new labour protection law, in which the employer has to provide new employment contracts with social security programme and overtime pay. As a result, the labour costs have been raised by 10 to 15 per cent annually According to Yang (1986) explored that the art of Guanxi â€Å"lies in the skilful mobilization of moral and cultural imperatives, such as obligation and reciprocity in pursuit of both diffused social ends and calculated instrumental ends. The system of Guanxi which relies on trust and consents of mutual advantages leads business succeed in Chinese society. According to â€Å"symbolic capital and mutual obligation and trust, and are alternatives to contracts and legal rights†. We will write a custom essay sample on Chinese culture specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Chinese culture specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Chinese culture specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Chinese Relationship Hierarchy â€Å"Guanxi† plays an important role in Chinese business culture, this relationship is deeply permeating to all different Chinese firms and organisations. There is no doubt that China is regenerating and becoming modern but it is not becoming a western entity. The Chinese do not compromise on their national and local cultures and beliefs even though they are at the head of the curve. The Chinese business system may differ like in China coalition and competition between businesses is much closer and integrated. On the other hand, British have the content that the business refers to be totally dependent on competitiveness and striving through market. The business system of China relates more into synergy than in competition. The relation between British and Chinese economic sector is the ideology of culture and the anticipated culture disputes which cannot be ignored. In one’s simple opinion culture can be defined as any entity, it’s different for everything. An organization has a different and distinguishing culture as compared to the other one. Nevertheless, when it comes to the culture of a country, it is totally a different object. The culture of a country is so vast and important that it cannot be avoided. The concept of culture is the agreement, differencing and then settling it by using tactics to have consent of both the parties and countries (McNamara, 2000). The business association in China becomes a social connection after the business is on the track. However in case of British businesses, even after a long time the relationships are always proficient and professional. If a company wants to indulge in the business of China, they can achieve it by targeting the social culture of this country. The discussions and meetings should be formal but should include personal matters which removes the hurdles and improves the relationship. The basic step in investing is not to make generalisations, especially in the case of doing business in China. Not only investing money but also investing expertise, time, energy and other factors are also vital in this case. These understandings give safety to a company while facing confrontations in future. There are many aspects to study before doing business in China but the following factors identified through are specifically targeted for entering into a Chinese market (Kwintessential, 2010): 1. Establishing relationships and contacts is the most important aspect in China. The more informal and social, the better you get closer with them. The meetings and all business activities should be professional but also in accordance with Chinese culture.

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The Sopranos

The Sopranos: Peppers Paul McCartney, Wingspan: Hits and History Various artists, Moulin Rouge (Soundtrack) Emmylou Harris, Anthology: The Warner/Reprise Years The late Eva Cassidy's incredibly soulful, powerful voice takes flight on Songbird. From the traditional "Wayfaring Stranger" to Sting's "Fields of Gold" and Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready," Cassidy makes each song her own. More Cassidy in Folk: Get Editors' Recommendations by E-mail Sign-up for our Music Delivers, and we'll e-mail you expert recommendations and info on the latest releases by your favorite artists. And if you sign up for our Rock or Alternative Rock Delivers today, you could win a copy of R.E.M.'s brand-new Reveal CD autographed by all three members of the band! Here are our sweepstakes rules. The Sopranos: Peppers Paul McCartney, Wingspan: Hits and History Various artists, Moulin Rouge (Soundtrack) Emmylou Harris, Anthology: The Warner/Reprise Years

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Assessment Techniques for Evaluating Student Progress Essay

Assessment Techniques for Evaluating Student Progress - Essay Example While formal assessment offers accountability in an education system that calls for measured results, informal assessment is a method that can bring about improvement since it gives a student the ability to evaluate self and to see individually how further learning can lead to success. The two major types of formal assessment are 1) norm-referenced tests and 2) criterion-referenced tests. Both depend on a particular standard, but norm is based on a comparison with other students taking the same test, and criterion-referenced tests measure student ability within a course of study. The student's performance is compared to an established level of achievement for each task or unit of the curriculum (Rothenbacher & Leconte, 1990). The broad definition of curriculum as it relates to this paper is "all the learning planned and guided by the school, whether in groups or individually inside or outside the school" (Kelly, 1983). This type of assessment depends on standardized tests, which are administered annually by school districts and provide a ready source of data. These tests are administered across a large number of students for the purpose of comparing individual performance to the rest of the group. Also, because test publishers provide information about the tests' reliability and validity, the results are generally accepted by educators and the community. In addition, in a structured classroom setting, students have immediate access to assistance and might enjoy the social environment a formal classroom provides. A.2 Criterion-referenced Assessment This method offers a quick analysis that measures students against a set objective or criterion. It also eliminates competition and because the student is not measured by how his or her peers are doing, self-evaluation can bring about a higher level of self-esteem. Based on standardized testing, a result can be determined by a standardized checklist or rubrics, which offers validity within the system. Criterion-referenced assessment might be categorized as either formal or informal. Disadvantages of Formal Assessment Techniques B.1 Norm-referenced Assessment The test results, because they are compared to the results of other students, don't always determine the ability of the individual student. A standardized test is discriminatory because the curve favors high scorers, and lower-scoring students are automatically placed at the bottom. Therefore the actual ability of the test taker is not measured. Standardized tests, especially norm-referenced tests, are the same across all student levels and geographical areas and therefore set up an unrealistic result with the assumption that all students are the same. B.2 Criterion-referenced Assessment Although this system offers more areas of evaluation for individual students, the end result is a standard measurement. Educators sometimes base their evaluation of a student's ability on the overall results instead of looking at an individual's response to different units within the curriculum. A set standard, no matter how informal it may seem, is still structured and the